About Morah Tehila

the whole hearted child philosophy...

Tehila Derfler

Who is Morah Tehila?

I am a passionate and dedicated educator and parent (to 3 biological children and 2 grown foster daughters) ready to offer my creative leadership talents to a community-oriented English speaking day-care (Gan). I have experience in Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio, and Play-based schools and incorporate aspects of them into my environment.

Judaics, Science, Physical development, Arts, Imaginative Play, and Fine Motor skills are areas of learning and curiosity in the development of 2-4 year olds in my care. Our children will develop strong literacy, numeracy, physical, social and learning skills through interactive instruction, observation, and participation.

I am committed to educational excellence, independence and leadership; to fostering an atmosphere of respect and trust.

What you are looking for...

Care for your child, age 2-4, part or full-time.

A warm and loving environment

A glimpse into your child's day through open communication

healthy food

daily outdoor excursions

music and movement

Quality Judaic curriculum blended with excellent secular education

Whole hearted child philosophy

As parents we want the best for our children. If we need childcare we will look for the best "fit" for our child. We will search for the most nurturing atmosphere, a setting in which our children can blossom and flourish.

We hope for a daycare that has a positive learning environment in which purposeful, age-appropriate and personalized lessons are provided. Our choice of caregiver is someone who is kind, loving and empathetic, personable and outgoing.

Simply, parents desire a haven, a loving, welcoming and fun space for our children!

Morah Tehila builds the whole child from the heart.

Our children can grow in leadership, independence, and skill in a setting where trust and respect, self-motivation, and exploration are encouraged.

Children in our care will clearly know what is expected of them. They will learn how to be successful and proud of their best work. They will be inspired through laughter and song, play and investigation. We build our children's confidence and individuality.

A place where the values of home are continued, where caregivers and parnets work together to have consistency. For our families the lines of communication will always be open and transparent.

The relationships built in our home are based on open communication. We want our children's families to feel at home and be a part of our creative space, in partnership with Morah Tehila.

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